When you have a headache after a car accident, should you make an appointment with a chiropractor?

The answer is yes. During a car accident, it’s possible you may have injured your cervical spine and muscles in your neck or experienced whiplash, and a chiropractor can help your body get back on track sooner.

It’s even possible that you can reduce some of the time it takes to heal with chiropractic. This is because chiropractic manipulation starts restoring the disrupted connection between the spine and the nervous system that occurs after a car accident. Seeing our Doctors at All Broward Chiropractic will help to relieve your headache, and prevent chronic pain from auto injuries.

Some of the top causes of headache after an auto injury are whiplash, injury to the cervical vertebrae and/or cervical discs, and muscle sprain/strain. All of these may cause symptoms such as headache, stiff muscles in the neck, vision changes, fatigue, slThe treatment you choose after you experience an auto injury is important. Starting with a natural treatment for headache from an auto injury that is safe and does not include any treatment modality that could harm you prevents a lot of potential problems from occurring. Prescription medications that are painkillers may cause constipation because they slow down the passage of food through the digestive tract. Some are linked to internal hemorrhaging. All are meant for short-term usage; yet many people end up taking them for long term, and that’s when the side effects can kick in full-force.

Of course, that’s not to say that you should only visit our chiropractors and that seeking medical treatment is bad; it’s not. Medical treatment can rule out more serious causes of a headache that may have been underlying conditions prior to the car accident.

Your All Broward Chiropractic treatment of headaches is a natural type of treatment that may involve not only gentle chiropractic manipulation of your neck, but also heat and/or cold packs, laser therapy to relax muscles, ultrasound, or other types of non-invasive treatments that relieve pain. Patients report they feel better after their treatment.

Headaches after a car accident don’t have to last forever. Make an appointment with our Doctors at All Broward Chiropractic Today at 954-443-2420.

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